Why Communicating Matters

If you want your life decisions to be respected and honoured, you must discuss them clearly and in a way that is understandable so that conflict can be avoided or reduced.

  •  Telling people about your choices relating to health, finances and other life decisions can be difficult as they are often emotional conversations. Even the best communicators can find them tough. People have different ways of communicating with each other and sometimes it is hard to be heard or hear what someone is trying to say, especially if the topic is stressful or emotional.
  •  The people who are significant in your life may be different from each other in the way that they respond to news about your health or your other life decisions- reactions may range from acceptance to anger or sadness; some people may need to “fix” the situation. These different emotions may affect their ability to “hear” your decisions and result in conflict.

Communicating Matters will:

  •  Help you find the best way to have the conversation(s) with significant people in your life.
  •  Create an open environment that fosters clear communication.
  •  Facilitate the conversation(s) so that you can be clear about what you want to share so that the people who are significant in your life can better hear what you are saying. The goal this conversation(s) is to help you make sure that others understand your choices.
  •  Help you figure out the best way to make your wishes known to the different listeners in the conversation.

When people understand what you want and why you want it, they will be better able to use their energy to support you and each other, to honour your wishes, and advocate on your behalf