Who We Are

Communicating Matters is a service that helps you to develop clarity about your important life decisions and helps you to communicate these decisions to people who are significant to you.

The risk of conflict between you and others, as well as conflict between those who are important to you, is decreased when your important life decisions and choices are clearly communicated.

When your important life decisions are clearly communicated you increase the chances that:

  • Your choices and decisions will be respected.
  • Your family, friends and whoever else you chose to share with, will be able to support you and your decisions especially during times of crisis or need.
  • You can reduce or avoid the conflict that may arise if significant people do not understand your wishes and choices.
  • Well-meaning people around you will know how to make informed decisions based on your choices when you cannot speak for yourself.

feldman IMG_0278Marla Feldman MSW RSW

I have owned and operated a rehabilitation company for over 25 years, providing counselling and health care management for thousands of clients. Working with these clients both within and outside the public health care system, I know that people find it difficult to be clear about their goals and choices and then to express their wishes, especially if they may be in conflict with well-meaning people who care about them.

I work with my clients to help them to articulate their choices in a way that can be understood by others. Once my clients know what they want to say, I facilitate their discussions with the people who are significant to them so that their choices are heard and respected.

I know that when these conversations happen, families and friends are able to work together to support their loved one and each other. When they do not, their energy can be consumed by disagreements and conflict. My clients have often told me that they feel like “a weight has been taken off of their shoulders” after these conversations have taken place.

I am a skilled facilitator of these difficult conversations, and have helped many clients and their families or significant people in their life hear each other, and come to a place of understanding and support about important life decisions.

I help you to talk about the life decisions you have made so that your choices are respected to gain the support and care that you need