Other Important Life Decisions

In your life you may want to have conversations with others about divorce, separation, sexuality, and gender.

Communicating these important aspects of your life  can sometimes be difficult because these are emotional conversations, and your decisions may be in conflict with those of your significant others- their beliefs and values.

You may fear abandonment, being judged, not being able to answer their questions, or losing the support and love of those you hold close.

When sharing  with significant people in your life, their response may range from acceptance to disbelief and non acceptance.

By having these conversations, significant people in your life can support you in your choices.


  • Support you in how to communicate important decisions by helping you to work with other service providers.
  • Help you articulate the values, beliefs and wishes that underlie the decisions that you have made.
  • Refer you to other resources to get additional information or help. If counselling is needed, Communicating Matters will provide information about other resources to people who request help.


  • Meet with you to help you to be clear about what you want to say about your decisions.
  • Help you articulate the values, beliefs and wishes that underlie these decisions.
  • Help you be clear about what you want to share about your choices surrounding divorce, separation and gender and sexuality.
  • Help you decide who you want to tell about your decisions. This may be your family, your friends, or any other people who are important to you.
  • Help you to anticipate the communication and relationship dynamics with the important people in your life.


  • Create an open meeting environment with some rules and boundaries so that you can talk about and share the information that you wish to.
  • Facilitate the conversation(s) so that you can clearly share your information in a way that can be heard by others during times of anxiety and stress.
  • Support you in responding to the reactions and emotions of the people who are important to you as they hear what you are saying.