Last Will and Testament

  • In Ontario, people who are competent can make a Last Will and Testament and appoint an Executor /Executrix to direct how their estate is to be distributed upon death  In the absence of a Last Will and Testament, Ontario legislation directs how the estate will be managed.
  • “…Although there is no law requiring that people make Wills, it is advisable to do so in order to ensure that your wishes about the disposition of your estate are recognized….”
  • Talking about money and inheritance is difficult for most people.
  • Inheritance, legacy and money can cause problems in families.
  • These problems stem in part from expectations of beneficiaries such as they would be the executor/executrix of your will, of financial bequeaths, being left a favourite painting, or family heirloom etc.
  • By explaining the decisions behind your choices of who to act for you upon your death, and who you have left what to, you may be able to reduce the possibility of conflict amongst family and significant people in your life upon your death.

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