What are Important Life Decisions

People make decisions about their lives every day. Some decisions can be planned for others cannot. Decisions that have a major impact upon your life and the lives of those who are significant to you, require not only thorough thought but also careful preparation about how to communicate your decisions to others.

Significant life decisions that you can plan to communicate are related to powers of attorney; wills; finances; divorce; separation; sexuality; and gender/identity as well as our choices about treatment for illness.

How you communicate these decisions or changes in circumstances matters.

As the founder of Communicating Matters, I will work with you to help you understand your wishes and the underlying values that inform your decisions, and will facilitate conversations with the significant people in your life by helping you to talk about:

  • Your choices around what to share about a medical diagnosis and your choice for treatment.
  • Your choice about who will act as your Attorney for Personal Care and Continuing Power of Attorney for Property if you are no longer able to speak for yourself.
  • Your choice about who will act as your Executor/ Executrix of your Last Will and Testament
  •  Your choice about what to share about your Last Will and Testament.
  •  Your choice surrounding what you want to communicate about other important decisions such as separation, divorce, sexuality and gender/identity.